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STI international srl
Via Trento e Trieste, 12/14
20050 Sovico (MI) Italy
Tel: +39.039.2014686 +39.039.2012517
Fax: +39.039.2011679
E-mail: info@stiinternational.eu


STI International make its own basic effort to produce and supply for its customer base the top quality furniture products and services for new applications in audio/video production, broadcast and security industries. Since several years be present at the video and audio business, gratifying approvals received from the domestic and international market spur our company to improve the quality of our products, developing new projects aimed to satisfy the complex requirements of the audiovisual communication technologies. The unstoppable growth and technological innovation in the communication field bring us to a constant research of innovative constructional solutions to meet our qualified clientele needs. Our production programme include a well targeted range of models of desks and racks, developed to full satisfy all the ergonomic needs and space optimization for broadcast devices and digital systems, including a full series of accessories. Moreover we use particularly attention to personalize our production series following all the specific customer requirements. Full commitment to customer service is what makes over our job.